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   NAGS November 10th 2021

NAGS today turned out to be a bit of a Fizzer with only 4 members turning up. However those who attended had a great time with very good conditions with warm 5 to 10k  WNW breeze No Rain . Unfortunately we diddn`t have a Crash (Rescue) Boat ,so we were a bit limited with our range and selection of Boats

Trevor fired up his beautiful Live Steam Boat and Ken had his Tug boat and Trev`s 60k Speed machine went really well. Bob was a bit crook and with no Rescue available decided to leave his boats in his truck Alan was of the same opinion

Trevor showed us his latest building project a beautiful Cedar Carvel planked Canadian Steam Launch (See pictures below). All in all a great day was had by the attendee`s, bit sad members diddn`t turn up due to the weather reports better luck next time. We all went home about 2pm and the rain started at 2:30.


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