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The $20 loyalty Rewards Cheques we receive are certainly helping the coffers of the N.M.S.C



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Nicholson Model Sailing Club

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At our usual spot at Dawson Cove  Newlands Arm at about 11:00am









NMSC / NAGS "Windling" Social Model Sailing Group

The Nicholson Model Sailing Club Wednesday Sailing "NAGS" group was formed in January 2015

N A G S Meet at 11:00am & Sail on the 2nd Wednesday of the Month

Please Note: On the 2nd Wednesday the Club supply a BBQ at $3.00




NAGS meet at the  Boat Ramp Park Dawsons Cove. Newlands Arm  (Map)



Sail at the Nicholson River Carpark Nicholson

 For the 20/21 Season the First and Third Saturdays of the month at 11am, till approx 3:30 

See Calendar

NAGS Wednesday Windling, Sailing & BBQ day

Was formulated to meet New and Prospective members,

Teach Newcomers and Novices to our great hobby how to Build & Sail RC Boats

and give some hands on instruction in how to operate & Race  RC Sailing Yachts.

Give information on how to obtain boats and equipment, Tactics, Rules, Racing Etiquette and all the things new members cant learn when serious racing is taking place at our Nicholson venue


We usually spend the first  hour getting our boats and gear ready, have a chat about boats etc before getting a few boats in the water We then have a very social BBQ Lunch at the excellent  facilities available at Dawsons Cove

We then spend the next few hours "Windling"  before packing up for the day and most importantly having a cuppa and a chat about the days events, before our tired, happy group of "Windlingers" head for home

If you have the urge to become a NAGS Windlinger, or would just like to come for a visit

contact details on our "Contacts Page"


Check out Bruce Ellis' video, taken with his new GoPro mounted on his yacht.



         What is "Windling" you may ask??


Windling is a term that has been around Model Yacht Sailing for years, the word was `created’ by a Sailor fed up at the time in his sailing club with the poor sportsmanship, argumentative attitude and outbursts of language and bad behavior of a great many  Club and (International Classes) model yachtsmen. who just want to race very seriously all the time, whereas some sailors prefer to construct, race for fun and sail all types of craft and enjoy

"Just Playing Boats"



Model of the CURLIP by Bernard Spells

 Windling is social sailing, the model sailboat equivalent of "Competitive Cruising", where adult men build all sorts of boats and gather to enjoy each other's company and sail their sailboats in a relaxing atmosphere.

There is no room for really serious competitive stuff when Windlers sail and even on occasional `regatta days’, apparent `races’ are no more than fast cruise style rounding's of the buoys, no calls, no shouting for buoy room, no anger, no protests or claims that a boat has `touched the buoy’, it is all laid back fun sailing, both peaceful and relaxing. There is no quoting and arguing of rules either because there are no rules in Windling

If a sailor just happens to "Win a Competitive Cruise " The prize is usually a "Well Done". or if it's a special event maybe a Boiled Lolly or in best case a Chocolate if its a really special event

They take the time to greet and help each other as they share the Lake  with Ducks, Swans, Pelicans and maybe diving Cormorant,or Dolphins

To help in the recovery, or repair of others boats that may have problems

Most Importantly: Help newcomers to the hobby to learn about boat building and to help teach them to Sail r/c Sailboats, talk to pond side passersby who show an interest, have a cup of tea or two, share a joke or three..

To say good bye and reflect on the days events before they leave the lake to go home



Model 1908 Steam Launch    (Built by Bob Moore)


N.A.G.S "Windlingers " All recommended The Radio Sailing Shop       

The Radio Sailing Shop now has new owners Andrew and Lore Cook

  The Shop is now much bigger, carries a larger range of stock and has moved to

Hampton in Victoria.

Contact : Andrew  on 0414 564 426 or

To Link to The Radio Sailing On-Line Shop   Click Here