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NAGS June 8th 2016

Nicholson Model Sailing Clubs, 11th Season  has concluded and is in winter recess. However N.A.G.S  (Newlands Arm Group Sailors ) will continue over Winter, sailing as usual on the Second Wednesday of the Calendar Month

15 Club Members had a very enjoyable day as usual with Fun Sailing and a a great BBQ.

The breeze at first was about 2kts (&warm) but increased to about 15kts (& colder) later in the afternoon


Most Clubs have a XMAS in July dinner, but our NAGS Group had a terrific XMAS IN JUNE BBQ to Celebrate the completion of the new jetty at the ramp in Dawson Cove at Newlands Arm

Two members of our Club are in wheelchairs and as the new jetty has a low level ramp at the end it is absolutely perfect for our club to sail  model sailing boats